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Welcome to Cherryville

Saturday night, after the snow, we had a very impressive sunset; unfortunately, I didn’t get to a good vantage point to get any real “sharable” pictures. I did, however, hang around town and play with some long exposure photography. This is a combination of three long exposure shots: one 8 seconds, one 20 seconds, and one 30 seconds.

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Snowy Night

This one is a bit dark, but this is a picture of an uncommon piedmont snow in North Carolina. I also wandered around town the night of the snow, and I think you’ll really like tomorrow’s picture.

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I’ve always been fascinated by the shiny green glass thingy that hangs from the Dogwood tree in our back yard. I like way the glass warps the shapes and colors of the reflected image. I’m hoping to get into the mountains sometime soon; I’ll have some (hopefully) more interesting pictures to share then.