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Midnight Trains

No, this wasn’t taken at midnight, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s pretty cool that you can actually see through the gaps in the train cars, even though the train was moving pretty quickly. I had a few other shots that I liked better for composition, but this one was the only one that didn’t end up blurry. All I had was a small 5″ tripod, so stability was not easily achieved.

PS: Sorry I didn’t post a photo yesterday. I’ve been pretty sick, and I didn’t even get out of bed at all. Here’s to standing up!

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Ice Cube Time Lapse [video]

Weekend Special: time lapse of an ice cube melting. This is an incredibly common time lapse theme, but it seemed like a decent test subject for the Sony. Shot with a Sony a65, 35mm lens, set on Auto+ mode. Timer remote used to trigger camera every 5 seconds for a period of ~1 hour; 651 images captured. Watch in 1080 for best image quality.