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I’ve always been fascinated by the shiny green glass thingy that hangs from the Dogwood tree in our back yard. I like way the glass warps the shapes and colors of the reflected image. I’m hoping to get into the mountains sometime soon; I’ll have some (hopefully) more interesting pictures to share then.


Liquid Sunshine

Even though the weather was less-than-friendly for photography, yesterday, these little guys were sitting there, letting the rain bead up and decorate their stems. Perhaps the sun was shining!

Update (I didn’t know about this contest until I posted this photo, but I really love this shot): I’m participating in the online adventure travel and photography magazine’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge for bloggers This week’s Challenge is: Green!

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No picture for this post. In fact, this isn’t even a post meant for entertainment! This post is destined for greatness, for in this post, you have the chance to lend your voice to the development of this site.

StolenLogoWhen I first set out to create a photography blog, I was torn between differing formats. I like the idea of a gallery, but galleries are for people with lots of fantastic work and large audiences willing to click through the galleries; I have neither. I thought about making a photo essay site, where every post would be a set of photos along with a story, but I didn’t think I could stay quite as committed, so I decided to make a purely image-centric blog, filled with images and nothing else. Yet, here I am, using my keyboard instead of my camera.

I need some feedback.

Should I leave the format as it is, just images with tech specs in the mouseover? Or should I start writing something with each post  to explain, propound, or just accompany the image? I know that the WordPress community is quite vocal, so don’t be shy!

Your feedback is more than welcome, and feel free to comment on anything else: shooting style, editing, site format, logo, the color of the sky…

Most Gratefully,