Stolen Pixels

stealing light. capturing moments.

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IR Macro

I got my IR720 filter in the mail today; this will be my first foray into IR photography, so don’t hold your breath. I’m still playing with the WB to get the colors right. If I don’t convert the image to greyscale, the picture turns out quite red. Anyway, this is an 8-second shot in full daylight!

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A Pirate’s Valentine

Just Jack and Angelica, chilling on Valentine’s Day, watching Pirates 4 on the (little) big screen. I want to know how they’re going to put out that giant candle.

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Old House[s]

House: 1896 — Magazine: 2013 — Old house in a magazine in an old house: Timeless.

This is a test of the Sony a65’s “Rich-tone Mono.”
This is technically similar to a B&W HDR image.