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Dianthus barbatus


This was one of my favorite plants from this year’s Spring flowers. With a common name of “Sweet William,” this Dianthus is native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia. This particular variety was called “Dash Magician Dianthus,” if I remember correctly.

Author: xanthuskidd

Warning, my blog contains posts of the most random of natures and may cause confusion and misunderstanding in those people who do not like unicorns.

2 thoughts on “Dianthus barbatus

  1. I’ve never seen this flower – or maybe I’ve seen it and not noticed it. I shall keep an eye out for it now.

    • I hadn’t ever seen it before, either. One of my customers recognized it as an old-fashioned flower she had grown, but she was really the only one who was familiar with it. I thought they were great.


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