Stolen Pixels

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Meine Katze


This is my cat, Smokey. Everyone say hello.

In other news, my new (well, used) Minolta 70-210 “Beercan” zoom came in today!! I’m pretty excited about it, and that’s what this picture was taken with. I’m hoping to play with it a lot over the next little while.

Author: xanthuskidd

Warning, my blog contains posts of the most random of natures and may cause confusion and misunderstanding in those people who do not like unicorns.

2 thoughts on “Meine Katze

  1. Smokey looks like a lovey-dover. 🙂

    • He’s one of the nicest and most even-tempered cats I think I’ve ever encountered. He’s never intentionally scratched any of our family, and he’s about 14 now.


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